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Elegant shower curtain should pay attention to the choice of fabric

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Elegant shower curtain should pay attention to the choice of fabric

How to choose the elegant shower curtains with good fabrics? Some fabrics will shrink.
Some fabrics may fade, and some fabric will; hair, which will seriously affect the use for people. so, how to choose an appropriate shower curtain?

Rayon and synthetic fabrics resistant shrink, fade resistant also anti wrinkle. So it is better than the average cotton fabric, which can be more suitable for hanging in the room with sunshine. And the shower curtains many many be made of the natural fibers and synthetic fibers together,blended into synthetic fiber, which is the advantages of the two fiber sets in together.

In addition to the above advantages of a shower curtain, bathroom, also need to take into account the special nature of the bathroom. The bathroom will be used every day which we will take a shower. Mount in the bathroom to withstand steam pollution. So hang curtains in bathroom should choose beautiful and practical, easy to wash, style can be simple and smooth, but must be elegant. Because when hanging inside, which can give a person a kind of pleasant feeling. When choosing the cloth, the bathroom curtains should be heavy, security and warm.

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When select the color of the bath curtains. Elegant bath curtain in the color selection, according to the room light is sufficient, if the light is not enough, you can choose the thin cotton, chiffon or silk fabrics. If there is quite enough light in the room, you can choose a bit thick wool blended or brocade to do. Even the glare, it could hardly come in. Because the room does not need plenty of light. So in the choice of materials, it is best to use face stamp elegant linen or cotton cloth. If used in the bathroom,for the humid environment we can use ordinary cloth. And it is not easy to fade. And it is very safe for the people outside can not see what happened inside at all.