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Good material of lights make lighting more beautiful


Crystal lamps could be focused on the crystal material, normal crystal could be country crystal and high end crystal, the high end crystal could be foreign crystal, country crystal could be made according to the glass crystal, k9 standard, k5 stand and other standard. K9 crystal could be the best, glass crystal could be glass, some factories could use acrylic, this would be the worst. If we use the crystal, the price would be different, and the effect would be also very different, the difference of crystal could be crystal and refractive index and penetration rate, the light would be obvious.

Wall Sconce Lighting

For Wall Sconce Lighting,the other is the hidden danger could be ignored easily, that could care about our body, that is the wire, nowadays there are many serious, the quality of the lights could be very different, if you choose the good wire, that is solid with crude, it is very safe.

The wire of the lighting could be in the fixture, that is difficult for us, we don’t know its quality, then how to tell the quality, we had better order the lighting from professional brand and stores.