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The position of lamps make rooms warm in the life


The position of lamps make rooms warm in the life

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The furniture decoration would place the best position, we could replace the lamp with down light, that could help us save the money and it is not lack fashion effect, the choice of lamps would be paid attention to, at the same time, the light could make room warm perfectly.

First foyer is the place where give us the first impression, since the foyer would be bright, we could install the down light and wall sconces, that could help us change the situation of light.

The living room could create the atmosphere, we had better adjust traditional chandeliers and ceiling lights. Even we choose the ordinary ceiling lights, that could adjust the light, that could add the atmosphere of the room. Inside room would be high and bright, that makes light spread in all living room. If there are many bulbs, we had better keep the same type of whole furniture. Some living room would be equipped with much functions, since the light design is complex, at the same time, it could keep the same with room furniture, at the same time, we had better consider the sports, we could place the light in area and function and adjust the light. If the living room is somewhat big, we could choose light to tell the difference, beside the sofa, it could choose the floor lamps, at the same time, we could install the lamp.

In the dinning room, we could adjust the pendant lights, that could show the dinning table, at the same time, we could adjust the warm color to create the warm atmosphere. At the same time, we also could install the lighting problem, that makes the whole room neat and clean.

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